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Sunday, May 13, 2012

like a mermaid

photos via Lace and Tea

yesterday my goodfriend suelyn and i were talking about swimming.
I've haven't been swimming for about 8 years cause I have a lil bit of phobia.
I even dread standing beside a swimming pool (the deep ones),
I couldn't face my fear because when i was young I was traumatized and nearly drown.
but i'm so glad that i (at least) can swim abit.
last wednesday was the 1st ever time i step into a pool to swim after 8 years! 
give me an applause now ! 
*slow clap* haha, okay why am i talking to myself.
I'm not so good at surface swimming cause i can't seem to float! 
haha i know! i'm like a freaking fat stone.
I can dive a bit but i can't seem to cooporate the breathing part together with the swimming part :)

just survived the 1st week of sem... sigh, i can feel it coming. 
my room's a mess now. let's see what's on my desk.
hairspray, 2 paint sprays, nail polish remover, (oh gosh)fake eyelashes, magnet?!, 
glue and so so many other things that are not suppose to be here! . 
arghhhh. gosh.
 I'm super busy nowadays it seem like i don't have even much time to spend with my love ones. 
I'm sticky ekky with make up and fake eyelashes now. 
cause i just finish recording a video the whole day, 
and ate a mother's day dinner with mom in her favorite restaurant thai thai. 

sigh.... breath on breath out. 
need to energize some new motivation for my new sem now.
all the lecturers seems to be really really really demanding. like wtfbbqomg.
feel like life have no goals already when you're being pressured. 
i can feel the waves of pressure coming in already.
and we're only just at the shore now....... 


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